Complete boycott and shut down of Ryanair

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On a Ryanair flight a passenger, launched a racist tirade on a 77 year old black woman, of the windrush generation, verbally and physically attacking her. There are videos of the incident all over social media, please take a look. It is truly disturbing.

Passengers on the flight asked for the racist passenger to be removed. 

Ryanair ignored passenger requests.

Ryanair staff failed to reprimand the passenger or remove him from the plane.

Ryanair did not act accordingly, and showed a blatant disregard for the elderly woman’s safety and well-being.

Instead of removing the racist passenger they moved the victim and allowed the bigot to continue his flight.

This is unacceptable and sickening. Ryanair should no longer be allowed to transport passengers, when they do so little to protect the safety of their passengers.

Racism of any kind should not be tolerated or endorsed, Ryanair did nothing. 

No passenger should be subjected to racist abuse, whilst on a flight, Ryanair clearly do not take their responsibility of passenger safety seriously and have shown that they endorse racism and bigotry.

Ryanair have not issued an apology or a statement.

Racism is only allowed to continue, because of situations like this. 

Boycott Ryanair 

Please sign this petition and remove Ryanair from service. They should not be allowed to operate as such an obviously racist airline.