Call to address the Serious Youth Violence issue within our cities

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We the signed are tired of needless number of young people losing their lives on the streets not just of London but across the UK. Young people are dying, many of them below the age of 25 and there has been a constant stream of deaths where lives have been taken at the end of the blade or at the end of a gun. This simply cannot continue.

We, the signed are tired of sending thoughts, condolence wishes and prayers to the families affected. We are also tired of disinterest by the government whom throughout all of the murders have chosen to remain silent. At the time of writing not one senior government official with the power to affect change has visited a victim's family or addressed the communities directly. This supports the view of the young people that society doesn't care about them. We the signed do not want 'broad-stroke' strategies or empty promises but argue for a full debate where young people and the issues of serious youth violence are addressed properly. We the signed want long term funding commitments so that communities are better empowered to support each other. We the signed are looking for adequate representation from the community for the community with people who know what the real issues are having an actual voice on where changes can be made.

We the signed need consistent, long-term investment in the organisations that can really expand the work and build proper relationships with young people in London and the UK over the next ten years.