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Ban fireworks from being sold weeks/months before bonfire night

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I'm sick to death of walking into supermarkets weeks/months before bonfire night to see fireworks being displayed available to buy. Fireworks should be available to buy from November the 3rd until the 5th and not beyond. 

Dogs become so distressed when fireworks are being let off in back gardens weeks before bonfire night. I myself have 2 dogs who are absolutely petrified of hearing the loud bangs every single night when there is no real event or purpose to be setting them off. They are inconsolable, they can't breathe through being traumatised of the loud bangs.. they are constantly shaking (hours after they have finished too).. they pant, jump around and try to hide in small corners which could potentially hurt or inure them. I speak on behalf of all animal owners.. cats and outdoor animals for instance have no warning as to when the bangs are going to happen. A loud bang could cause a cat to run away from its home, get lost or potentially get run over. Without getting political anyone with a heart would agree that it's unnecessary. 

Anyone wanting to participate in bonfire night for the right reasons should be made to buy fireworks 2 days before the date. 

I'm talking on behalf of pet owners but what about people who have been affected by being hit by a firework.. being involved in a war that could have traumatised them.. other anxiety sufferers or people who are generally scared of loud noises or have disabilities which makes them scared. 

To many people they are harmless fun for children to enjoy pretty colours in the sky but for many others and pets it causes nothing but stress and anxiety. 

By being sold a couple of days before bonfire night it gives a chance for people and pet owners to get there animals in or get prepared for the big occasion. I have tried all the remedies which 'apparently' help the anxiety of dogs. None of it works. 

Please sign and share this petition and make a change.. something needs to be done. 

Please add your own scenarios and experiences in the comments. 

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