Ban far right and racist groups from using the English flag

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About me:

I am someone who was born and bred in England with a Pakistani ethnic background. Like most English people I like to moan about the weather, I love dipping bourbon biscuits in my English tea in the evening whilst having a sit down with family and friends. I like a good old English breakfast even when I travel to another country. I admire the Queen and the Royal family, I salute the servicemen and women that keep us safe day in day out. 


Why i don't feel like waving the English flag:

i was born in the 1980's around a strong Pakistani community, whilst growing up I heard the racist abuse my parents had gone through when they arrived and when they went to work, shopping and generally going out. 

Growing up I felt I was always treated as a immigrant and someone who is not welcome even though I was born in England but I couldn't hide my skin colour. 

I was confused about my identity as I wanted to be part of England and it's culture but I was always asked and told by white English that I am a Pakistani. 


Why the ban:

The English flag in the past and I believe present has been used and abused by the racist far right gangs and groups. They have turned it to a racist and discrimative symbol that they believe only belongs to a certain type of person. 

Banning those groups and any group that promotes racism, religious hate crime  from using it will change the concept and mindset of people who wish to fly the flag and want to be part of this great nation. 

Lets make this flag a flag of colour and diversity 


come on England :)