Ban eggs from caged hens in the UK

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It’s time to take action against the disgusting conditions in which animals are kept for our gain. 

The conditions have no place in modern society and are beyond sickening. The EU Directive which came into force in 2012 banned the use of battery eggs and whilst it was a step forward in the grand scheme of things, there are still improvements to be made.

The ‘enriched’ cages are supposed to give potential to nest, roost, scratch and stretch. Whilst this may seem reasonable, you have to ask is it really enough when the only motive is profit and keeping your shopping bill down?

Looking at Tesco’s price difference; their own brand eggs from caged hens are priced at 70p whilst their free range eggs are 89p. Both have 6 eggs and the difference is 19p. Ultimately the consumer should be protected and given the best possible prices, but when paying that bit extra promotes animal wellbeing, 19p is only a small price to pay.  

These animals that provide the food on our plates deserve more respect than being kept in cage. They deserve freedom, to be able to wander and live happily - it’s a right that should be given to all!

Isn’t it time we stopped focusing on profit and caring more about how our actions cause harm to another living breathing being.