Alter the National Flag of the United Kingdom to incorporate Wales

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Everyone in the United Kingdom loves our flag! It's easy to recognise, has a great colour scheme and represents 3 countries in our union! But there's one big problem. Our union has countries: England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. England is represented with the red cross of St. George (Patron Saint of England), the white on blue saltire of St. Andrew (Patron Saint of Scotland) and the red on white saltire of St. Patrick (Patron Saint of Ireland (Representing Northern Ireland)). The country of Wales is not represented on the flag as at the time of the flags creation, Wales was considered a part of the Kingdom of England and was not included as a result. Today in the United Kingdom all 4 countries are considered equal and our unity should be a symbol for our nation! The new £1 coin has a design which includes all 4 national plants of the 4 countries growing from a crown, an amazing symbol to represent all 4 nations united as one! If the £1 coin can get that treatment, why can't our flag? My design for a new flag still resembles the current one while clearly representing Wales along with the other countries in the union! I simply altered the flag by replacing the Scottish blue on the lower half of the flag with the green on the Welsh flag while still keeping the Scottish blue on the upper half. I chose the colour green as it is the only colour on the Welsh flag which isn't shown on the other flags of the countries in the United Kingdom, this makes people know that the green represents Wales! I chose the colours of the Welsh National Flag rather than the Flag of Saint David (Patron Saint of Wales) as it is a much more familiar flag and looks more appealing than yellow or black which could be misleading and people may believe they represent something else. I also decided not to include the Welsh dragon to try and not add any symbols but just keep it as colours instead. Let's see all of our antions represented as one on our great flag! Help us change by signing this petition! If we get enough signatures we will send this to PM Theresa May to see what she has to say about this idea. If she says yes we will try our hardest to make sure the Welsh people are represented on the flag! If she says no we will keep trying our hardest to hopefully one day have all nations incorporated as one on a stunning flag! The Welsh people (Including I and others that I know of) would love to see their coutnry represented with the others flying above Parliament! This would be a chance for people to learn more about Wales and promote our culture too, we would be grateful for the world to know more about our existence! If you support our cause and want Wales to be represented on the Union Flag, sign this petition and tell your friends to support us!

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