Allow Domestic Pet's In ALL Social Housing. NO MORE EXCLUSIONS

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People and pet's are being penalized for where they live (or could live). It is a proven fact that having a cat or dog can help people with depression and various other aspects of mental illness, yet despite this, some Council's and many Housing Association's still require that you get their permission to have a pet, and in some case's they have a point blank policy in place where they don't allow pet's at all so there's no point even asking. It is sad to think that there are so many pet's in cattery's or kennels waiting for their forever home, when there are so many people that would love to give a home but are simply not allowed. It is also sad that we see posts online everyday where people are sadly having to re-home their pet because they are moving and can't have the pet at the new address. I feel it's time for all domestic pet's to be allowed to live within Social Housing as standard and the Law needs to be changed to make this happen. It can help so many people and so many animals. Provided the animal is well looked after and is not a problem to others, there should be absolutely no reason at all why it should be excluded from having a forever home, and give love and company to a loving owner. I want to get the law changed so that we no longer have to ask permission to have a pet, we should be allowed to do this anyway and it could be detrimental to people's health and well being when this isn't allowed. In my case, I was given a one bedroom flat by Sovereign Housing in December 2017 and I found out my ex partner had put our dog back into kennels, I asked Sovereign for permission to bring my dog home and they point blank refused, saying it's their policy that they don't allow pet's within flats. This is a good size flat with a huge living room and there's no valid reason for this unreasonable exclusion. It was interesting that Sovereign stated it's because there is a communal hallway, but yet dogs can visit. This law needs to change, and fast. Please everyone, keep sharing this petition far and wide and let's get as many people as possible to sign this. I am also accepting donations for this campaign which can be made via PayPal or Bank Transfer, please email me about this to   . Please sign this petition and share it as much as possible. Thank you for your support.