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Stop The Historical Child Sex Abuse Witch-Hunt

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The new public inquiry into child sexual abuse has been sold to the public as holding the worst kind of sexual predators, including the rich and powerful, to account. In reality this is the culmination of a witch-hunt that predates the allegations against the late Jimmy Savile, one that has already seen celebrities, politicians and the UK’s most senior soldier having their names dragged through the mud by liars and fantasists who have peddled the most outrageous and frankly ludicrous claims about paedophile rings operating at the heart of the Establishment.

The techniques used to generate evidence, so-called, include trawls of children’s homes and as in the scandalous televised raid on the home of Cliff Richard, open invitations by the police and the media to make allegations dating back decades, against anyone in the public eye, with the promise that as “victims” or even “survivors” they will be believed uncritically.This process, particularly the media trawls, has led to the spurious practice of corroboration by volume, the belief that if enough allegations are made against a particular individual there can’t be all that smoke with no fire at all.

Even intelligent, independent-minded jurors are bamboozled by these kinds of claims, especially when coupled with the dishonest rhetoric of prosecuting barristers that the only alternative explanation is a conspiracy.

The reality is that memory is a fragile thing, and false memories are easily implanted in the minds of the vulnerable; incredibly, this fact is accepted by the civil courts which has statutes of limitations, but not by the criminal courts. Many psychologists, including Elizabeth Loftus, the world’s leading authority on this subject (as well as a professor of law) have demonstrated that false memories can be implanted easily in even ordinary, well-balanced individuals, as in this very short video.

Some people have falsely accused their own parents, like the American author Meredith Maran who accused her father of sexually abusing her as a child, but later realised how she had been duped. False memories can be implanted in fragile minds by therapists or even by leading questions from honest but unthinking detectives.

Then there are the blatant liars. None of the “victims” and “survivors” who appear at this inquiry will be cross-examined must less face legal sanction for giving perjured testimony. An outrageous example of this kind of perjury was the woman who claimed the DJ Dave Lee Travis had given her forty years of Hell by putting his hand up her dress at the opening of a hospital radio station. On reading a report of this, a member of the public contacted the DJ’s legal team and produced a video that showed he had been accompanied by his wife and an entourage. Travis was cleared at this trial, but although no action was taken against this blatant perjurer, he was tried again until the Crown managed to obtain one conviction. As he said afterwards, he was afraid that if they threw enough mud, some of it would stick, which is what this inquiry is about.

There are claims there have been cover-ups in the past; the reality is that when allegations are shown clearly to be false, the papers are shredded to protect the innocent.

Like Operation Yewtree and similar trawls, this inquiry will be a power trip for the NSPCC and a feeding frenzy for the lawyers, in particular the odious firm Slater & Gordon. It should be abandoned, furthermore, a statute of limitations should be enacted for historical claims, especially for adult accusers. There are better ways of protecting especially the young without wasting perhaps £20 million of public money on this charade.



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