Stop Hunting and Poaching and Save the Black Rhinos

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We are trying to solve the terrible situation of the poaching and hunting of Black Rhinos for their horns. Almost every day around three Black Rhinos are killed for their horns so that they can be sold on the black market.

However, by signing this petition you can help save the Black Rhinos. The plan is to approach the Zambian Government with an action plan to save the Black Rhinos. Zambia currently has vast un-managed land and still good numbers of Rhinos.  We plan to build a sanctuary with the Government's financial help and support to save the numbers or the Black Rhinos in Zambia. There will also be a lodge inside of the secure sanctuary and to fund this venture the rooms at the lodge will be charged at an expensive rate. We will try to hire volunteers who are concerned with the fast declining rhino numbers to provide services at the lodge.  We are also asking the Government to provide labour to build the sanctuary and the lodge.