Tell Us the Truth in 2014

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Tell Us the Truth in 2014

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Stephen Cook started this petition to The World's Leaders

This year, we, the people of the world, the people YOU serve, demand to know the truth – about everything. It’s a win-win situation.

Talk to your fellow leaders in Egypt, Italy, Greece, Cyprus, Cambodia, Thailand, Brazil, Spain, Sweden, Ukraine, Romania, Turkey and many other countries. They’ll tell you something is up.

Yes, ‘people’s patience and anger’ with you, your decisions and your way of ‘governing’ is what’s ‘up’.

We’re SO tired of you all not doing the jobs you believe you were either born to do, have a right to do, or have undemocratically been elected to do. Yes, some of you did storm into power legitimately –  or managed to cobble together a minority government to do so – but your behaviour and lack of true and honest action in power has left people turning away from you in droves. Almost as quickly as they voted you in.

Why? Because you’re simply not doing your job: which is serving us… Governing for the people who voted you in.

Which is why we trust, dear leaders, that you can see it in your hearts and consciences to tell us the whole truth and nothing but the truth in 2014. We expect and deserve no less.

For the full text version of An Open Letter to the Leaders of Governments Around The World, head here:


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Let’s all ensure our leaders tell us the truth all the time in 2014.

With gratitude for whatever you feel guided to do!

Stephen Cook

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This petition had 6,240 supporters

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