Release The Crow: City Of Angels Original Cut

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The Crow city of angels was originally intended as a story about love and loss. However, studio meddling got in the way and instead we got a revenge tale (and it was pretty shitty and just a mess). A lot of people are unaware of the original cut and with the crow being remade now is the time to push for the actual directors cut to be released. Not just lingering shots on ash riding his motorcycle or the crow flying. The original cut was intended to be around 160 minutes long but the studio shortened it to be to 84 minutes. Thats a 76 minute difference. By that you probably would be able to tell that alot was cut out. For example the reason behind Judah's motivation of him dedicating his life to making other people suffer. That was just one of the many things that were cut out and should be placed back in. I would love to see what the directors true vision of the movie was and have this film get a bit more love. What if's always make me extremely mad and this is a chance where we can make that what if into a reality

 Credit to GoodBadFlicks for the video. it was this video that made me aware of the directors cut and how different it was from the theatrical cut.