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Hello collectors:

Many have been the surprises that we liked earlier with the collection Fairytale Disney Store doll, with which we enjoy and bring Disney magic home, but unfortunately this year something we miss.

From here we call on directors and designers of these fantastic collectible dolls so that they remain of our interest, since this 2017 did not manage to convince us at all. mainly its high price for a single doll (Cruella and Vaiana).

We leave a small list of the desired characters that we still want and we hope with illusions.

-The Sword in the Stone (Merlin and Arturo)
"Hercules and Megara.
-Tarzan and Janes
-Pinoccio (Same design as Minnie Signature doll)
-Mickey Fantasy (Same design as Minnie Signature Doll)
-The hunchback of Notre Dame and Esmeralda
-The book of the jungle.
-Cinderella peasant and the suit on the mannequin
-Alice and white rabbit.

And finish with the request to distribute the launch of the Designer Doll throughout the year. Maybe once every two months. This makes saving more easy to get to do with these wonders. And do not lengthen so much the agony of waiting a year for the new release.

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