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Stop Nerds From Watching Star Wars Movies

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Nerds ruin everything. This we know. They bleat and moan on social media constantly, and are so expectant they will literally let one tiny thing consume them, even though in reality they should be chuffing overjoyed that the only problem they have isn't a problem to begin with. Go and get stressed about taxes or something...

The latest travesty with these poindexters is they're upset some wizards with fake swords didn't act in the exact fashion they wanted, so now want Star Wars: Episode 8 - The Last Jedi expunged, or at the very least, not considered canon.

What the chuff is going on?

It's quite clear the time has come to simply ban nerds from watching Star Wars films so they stop going on these crazy rants that make no sense. Instead, they should be stuck in a room and reminded how lucky they are and that Luke Skywalker - a made up man - not saying the right words doesn't actually matter.

If we don't achieve this goal, it will go on forever. Episode 9 will come out and nerds will be just as upset as they are now. It's like having a rodent problem in your house. It ain't going away by itself. 

It gets worse, too, as all the criticisms these jabronis had for Episode 7 are now null and void just so it fits their stupid Episode 8 opinions.

Ipso facto, nerds have got to go.


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