Rian Johnson Should Not Direct a Star Wars Trilogy

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Rian Johnson has ruined the Star Wars franchise.

With the excitement growing and the days getting shorter, 2017 was promised a Star Wars film like never before. Rian Johnson, a highly respected director, writer, and editor, got in the director's seat and took the fan's beloved films and put them down the garbage disposal. Not only did he kill off 'you-know-who,' but he took the community's best theories and trashed them as well. 

Johnson took his time to direct a scene with a flying Leia and created podracing 2.0, but doesn't want to tell the fans who Rey truly is? The fact that he has to have books written to support his decisions during the film is already a red flag, let alone the amount of controversy he produced after the film's release. 

Johnson not only ruined “Star Wars: The Last Jedi,” but he also ruined the entire franchise. Solo under-performed due to the divide between the Star Wars community. Most fans have promised to never see another Disney produced Star Wars film; however, it is not Disney's fault.

Disney hired J.J. Abrams to direct the spectacular “Star Wars: The Force Awakens,” in which he created new characters for fans to love and theorize over. Disney also made the decision to fire Phil Lord and Chris Miller from “Solo: A Star Wars” story because they did not go in the direction they were hoping for, and instead hired Ron Howard. Howard gave us a story about young Han Solo, that was fun and filling for fans who are patiently waiting for Episode IX (directed by J.J. Abrams).

Rian Johnson has single-handedly ruined the Star Wars franchise. Instead of him being punished for his controversial decisions throughout the film, he was rewarded with his own Star Wars trilogy. Disney must've never seen The Last Jedi, and instead just looked at the amount of money they were making and thought, "wow, what a success!" 

Fans will never be treated the way Abrams did in “The Force Awakens,” by giving us the nostalgia through characters and symbols throughout the movie. We will never be appreciated nor have our input be taken seriously, and it must come to an end. Rian Johnson must lose his director's position for the upcoming Star Wars trilogy if fans want to enjoy their sacred galaxy from far, far away any longer.

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