Remove Rian Johnson From Future Star Wars Trilogy

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The purpose of this petition is to remove Rian Johnson from any and all future Star Wars movies as a writer, producer, and/or director; including the trilogy that Disney promised to give him.

The Last Jedi is the quite far the most divisive Star Wars film to date. What started off as a public downpour of praise by most media outlets, soon followed the outcry of lifelong and diehard fans of the not only the movies, but also the extended and expanded universe.

Whether you liked the movie or not, it is obvious that critics are all convinced of it's success despite the clear and evident divide of the viewing audience; demonstrated in the User Scores on Rotten Tomatoes, Metacritic, and IMDB.

Though the early and initial public narrative has been primarily focused only on the positive, articles like "On the Character Assassination of Luke Skywalker", "Plot Threads ‘TFA’ Set Up that ‘TLJ’ Blew Off", and "The Last Jedi Was More a Finale Than a Middle Act." point out and prove that TLJ's success is as imaginary as the extremely questionable "Force Projection" introduced into the movie

This separation of opinion cannot be simply explained by a "majority vs. minority" scenario. Sides are split evenly, right down the middle, with people who have seen the movie (and even Mark Hamill himself). If it is Disney's outlook to deliver content aimed at large audiences with the intent of growing an increasingly expansive fanbase, then their smartest and only decision is to remove the most controversial writer/director from future films.

If you did not like this movie, let your voice be heard here! Let's use this as a platform to override the purposely influenced "movie critics", express how Rian Johnson has ruined the beloved franchise, and to why Disney should should listen to their fans.

Sign this petition to remove Rian Johnson from any and all future Star Wars movies.

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