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Release the Disney's One Saturday Morning era shows on DVD

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Disney's One Saturday Morning was a block of animated shows produced by Walt Disney Television Animation, which originally aired on ABC between 1997 and 2002. In the five years the block aired, it featured a number of popular shows, both original to the block and previous created shows, including:
-Disney's Doug (1996-1999) - All 65 episodes
-Jungle Cubs (1996-1997) - All 21 episodes
-101 Dalmatians: The Series (1997-1998) - All 65 episodes
-Recess (1997-2001) - All 65 episodes
-Pepper Ann (1997-2001) - All 65 episodes
-Nightmare Ned (1997) - All 12 episodes
-Hercules: The Animated Series (1998-1999) - All 65 episodes
-Mickey Mouse Works (1999-2000) - All 27 episodes
-The Weekenders (UK Release)
-Teacher's Pet (2000-2002) - All 39 episodes
-Buzz Lightyear of Star Command (2000-2001) All 65 episodes
-Disney's House of Mouse (2001-2003) - All 52 episodes
-Lloyd in Space (2001-2004) - All 40 episodes
-The Legend of Tarzan (2001-2003) - All 39 episodes
-Teamo Supremo (2002-2004) - All 39 episodes
All together, these 15 unreleased animated shows represent the silver age years of production at WDTA, with arguably some of the finest animation to ever come out of WDTA’s studios. Many of these shows went on to win many awards, including Emmy Awards, and were featured prominently on a number of “Best of” lists, including in recent years.
These shows fueled merchandise frenzies filled with actions figures, t-shirts, back backs and comic books. These shows have been translated into multiple languages and shown in countries all over the World, including, but not limited to, the former Soviet Union, Germany, Finland, Sweden, India, Hungary, Mexico and the United Kingdom.
Years after a select number of VHS and single disc compilation DVD releases, Disney recently started releasing animation from this era, including the entire series release of "The Weekenders" and "Doug's First Movie" on DVD via their Disney Movie Club.
We, as a collective body of fans, urge Walt Disney Home Entertainment to continue this recent trend and finally release the rest of these treasured classics onto DVD in their entirety. We want to enjoy these series, either through the more preferred method of a standard retail DVD, as with most of the original releases, or simply via a Disney Movie Club Exclusive release or the DVD-on-Demand program. The reasons for denying fans access to the entirety of these shows are unfounded, and must come to an end.
If Walt Disney Home Entertainment properly markets and advertises these shows and does not have overly high list prices (two problems that plagued similar releases) we know they will perform better than previous tv animated releases. There is a strong fan base for these shows and if you give us the opportunity, we are ready to demonstrate with our pocket books how beloved these shows still are. Thank you.

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