Release Kingdom of the Sun Workprint

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I'm sure a lot of us know the Disney film The Emperor's New Groove, right? The film has gained quite a cult following since its release in the year 2000, with it also getting a direct-to-video spin-off film called Kronk's New Groove and a TV show called The Emperor's New School. But what some may not know is that during production the film was originally going to be a dramatic musical called Kingdom of the Sun.

This version of the film was directed by Roger Allers, whom also co-directed my favorite Disney film The Lion King. Sting wrote at least six songs for the film, three of which you can find on the soundtrack. The plot was quite different too, the story was about a young llama herder named Pacha who loves the sun and believes there's always a way to bring light into any situation, he travels to a kingdom where he meets an arrogant self-centered prince named Manco who is bored with his royal life, seeing as they look alike they decide to switch places for a day, similar to that of The Prince and the Pauper. Ymza, an evil sorceress and member of the Royal Court, has a secret plan to take out the sun believing it's causing her to age, with the help of Supai, an evil demon of darkness who has unfinished business with the sun. After finding out about Manco and Pacha's plan, Yzma turns the real Manco into a llama and threatens to reveal Pacha's true identity unless he does her bidding.

The rest of the cast also included a love interest named Nina, a talking talisman named Hucua, a female llama herder named Mata, and three mummy lackeys named Mick, Bowie, and Lemmy.

The reason such a drastic change was made to the film was because they felt it had too many story problems. Roger Allers later left the project once the changes were being made leaving Mark Dindal as director and making it into the film we know today. There is a documentary called "The Sweatbox" which goes more into detail on how the film went from being Kingdom of the Sun to The Emperor's New Groove.

Which you can view right here:

The film was only half-finished before being completely changed, with a good amount of animation being done, 20% of which was already in full color, and the voices being recorded too. So I've decided to make this petition, to attempt to get Disney to release a full-length workprint version of the film that recreates the original story using original storyboards, available animation, and the original voice recordings and music from their archives or from people who previously worked on the film.

So please sign this petition in hopes of seeing Kingdom of the Sun, in rough form of course. Aren't you just a little curious, to see what the film was like before becoming The Emperor's New Groove? Who knows, you may even like it better.