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Reinvent Kylo Ren's character by removing his shirt for good.

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While watching The Last Jedi opening night, after waiting 8 hours in line, I wasn't sure what to think of the film. Did I love it? Did I hate it? I wasn't sure, but unexpectedly seeing Kylo Ren shirtless on the big screen gave me an overwhelming sense of pride and accomplishment. "This is it," I thought to myself, "this is the new Star Wars." 

In The Force Awakens, Kylo Ren's character was no more than an angsty, Darth Vader wannabe that yells far too much, character decisions which I fundamentally disagreed with.

Thankfully, however, Rian Johnson severs just one more tie to the set-up film directed by JJ Abrams. He ditches the pathetic, edgy Kylo in the perfect metaphor: the destruction of Kylo Ren's awesome helmet. 

This was a bold move for Johnson but the fact that it was so fresh, so new, and so unpredictable made it one of the greatest moments in Star Wars cinematic history. Johnson has clearly earned his new trilogy with tight, inventive writing.

Yet I think that this metaphor can be taken a step further. Seeing Kylo Ren without his helmet created a new and deeper character, but seeing Kylo Ren without his shirt greatly amplified this effect. He was a completely different character!

I hate the angsty, crybaby Kylo Ren, almost as much as I hate Jar Jar Binks. He was so forced and unlikable.  I think that the best way to remove crybaby Kylo from canon that isn't an online petition, is an online petition calling for the reinvention of the character by removing his shirt forever. 

You felt it, I felt it. Shirtless Kylo Ren is what the new trilogy needs. Rey, Finn, Poe are not good characters. Why? I just don't like them, end of discussion. And consider this: now that Luke, Leia and Han are gone, who are we going to latch on to! I think that shirtless Kylo is the one...

Shirtless Kylo Ren represents power, energy, and the Dark Side. His gleaming left pec shows that this character works out everyday training with the sole intention of murdering his old master, Luke. THAT is a perfect example of showing and not telling. In the same way that Snoke's disfigured face and body said "this guy has a story", Kylo Ren's enormous frame and chiseled 8-pack do they same (but I understand Kylo's story without the need of an offshoot book or comic).

So I implore you, Star Wars fans, and everyone else to please sign this petition so that the reinvention of Kylo Ren's character is clear and definitive. He is now our only hope for a good character in this new trilogy. Any true Star Wars fan will agree that Kylo Ren reinvented as a deadly, shirtless dark lord will make any decision that Disney, Abrams, or anyone else makes in the new film the right one. 

Do it, and may The Force be with you. 


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