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Reboot Lab Rats: Elite Force

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Lab Rats: Elite Force is set in Centium City after the Mighty Med hospital is destroyed by shape shifters...

Okay, so that's part of the plot, but what gives, Disney?

Lab Rats and Mighty Med (I am not talking about the crossover; actually I am a tiny bit, but the shows in general) were two great shows that made the Disney XD era (2012-present) shine throughout. When these two shows ended their runs (in 2015 and 2016, respectively), the creators of Lab Rats worked it out with the creators of Mighty Med to make a sequel series (which is called Lab Rats: Elite Force, as said in the first sentence). And when I first heard that the sequel was greenlit, I was pumped because Lab Rats and Mighty Med were two favorite shows on the channel when I was a teenager. Then I watched a few episodes of the series and I thought... this is NOT the shows I grew up with.

The premiere episode introduced the Elite Force fighting Roman and Riker, two shape shifters who could produce a black swarm. The premiere was good but I was expecting more of a longer battle and I did not expect Kaz to whine about the team at all. Like I said, the premiere was good, but it was not great.

The next few episodes (Holding Out for a Hero, Power Play, The Superhero Code, Need for Speed, etc.) actually got on my nerves. First (and warning, if you don't want spoilers I suggest you stop looking at this section and just go down to the reboot possibilities section):

  • In Holding Out for a Hero, Kaz, Oliver, and Chase perform their first class of superhero school. Now, if superheroes actually existed (which they don't but it would be VERY COOL if they did) that would be a great learning experience. However, this episode made Oliver look like a fool until he saved Donald. And the side plot where Bree and Skylar hurt each other for no reason until both Kaz and Skylar explained later that Calderian sisters treat each other like boys. WHY? JUST WHY?
  • In Power Play, Oliver tries to get Skylar's powers back with the help of Chase. I was expecting Oliver to cure her, but Chase did it instead. And the side plot of a pig being a burglar was actually kind of funny, which was my favorite plot over the main one. There was a lot of character bashing between Chase and Oliver after that. I do NOT like characters bashing one another, it feels like a teen drama when people do that. This character bashing went on so long in the series that, if the series were to be rebooted, would be removed.
  • To be honest, I am not going to explain all the next few episodes in this section, as I already have stated some or most of my case in the first part.


  • We did not get to see much training for the team in ANY episode of the series. Holding Out for a Hero was actually the only TRAINING episode of the entire series.
  • Basically, instead of going on so much missions, the team wandered around the penthouse and it felt like more of a sitcom than a superhero series to me. The only "mission" episodes I saw were Holding Out for a Hero, Follow the Leader, The List, and the Attack. Those were the ONLY EPISODES that showed missions. The other episodes just showed character bashing, arguing, and some lame jokes. If I were a writer for a reboot, I would change this stuff.

Now to get on to the reboot possibilities:

  • Have more action scenes.
  • Film at 24 frames per second to get movie quality.
  • Have Zekiel be a primary antagonist in the series.
  • Have more training scenes.
  • NO LAUGH TRACK. That really gets on people's nerves.
  • Better jokes.
  • Have Lab Rats and Mighty Med characters appear as either guests or recurring characters.
  • Have the reboot air on Freeform, Netflix, Hulu, or Amazon Prime. Disney XD is getting more into cartoons now than live action like they used to do.
  • Have a video game tie in with the series (Square Enix or Insomniac Games could make one).
  • Have flashbacks. This could work during a second season.
  • Have better writers for the series.
  • Single cameras for shooting video for the series. The crew can keep the multi-camera for the penthouse.
  • Make the series either TV-PG or TV-14.

Anyways, guys, that's my opinion. Make sure to sign so that we can get this reboot series as a reality!



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