Petition to REDO Star Wars Episode 8

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Petition to Disney: Redo Episode 8.  

Stop production on Episode 9 until 8 is redone.  Here is an offer.  Each of us on the petition we will give you the the average national price, $8.95 we paid for our ticket to Episode 8, to remake it the way it should be done or obliterate it in the first scene in Episode 9.  We will also guarantee you that we will see the redo of Episode 8 if that’s what you choose.  We as fans will pay for a redo.  Our redo comes with the one condition that Rian Johnson does not write or direct the movie.  We have a list of wishes, but it is our only demand.  There is another petition right now  to remove this last episode from Canon.  Thats not what is needed.  Protection of a franchise and over 40 years of jedi and sith and expectations of your consumer have been entirely ignored.  In light of good negotiations we offer you this: if we can raise enough money to cover the cost of remaking the movie, you will remake it.  Thats our offer to you Disney.  

In good faith, we will raise the money for a redo.  A gofundme page will be established to raise the money.  If we meet the dollar amount of costs to remake the movie, you will do it.  If you agree to this plan, we will immediately start fundraising.  

 If you support this petition, please sign, but the expectation is that if DIsney listens and agrees, we all chip in for a redo.  National average of a movie ticket: $8.95.    No money is being collected right now.  Please await Disney’s decision.  Basically, we need 25 million people to agree to this.  WORLD WIDE.  WE can do it.  Signatures first to back us up against Disney and Rian Johnson.  Disney this is a great deal for you.  We will even send you the money to start Episode 9 as a “dream” of Leia’s before she actually dies.  Get rid of the mess you call Episode 8.  There are plenty of ways for you to bury what happened including Luke’s death.  

To our fellow Star Wars Fans: Maybe JJ Abrams is listening and DIsney is listening...hopefully even Lucas Films.  We know Mark Hamill is.  They can adjust to what we vote for.  I’m not asking you to sign for Episode 8 to not be Canon- again, who cares?  So for one second Disney and Johnson say ok and dismiss millions of fans and placate those who saw Star Wars for the first time at Episode 8.  What about millions of fans who have followed Star Wars for 30 years?  I want a redo.  Or a MAJOR adjustment to discredit the movie.  

I also am not on drugs from surgery and i am not asking for money for me.. I am offering a deal to Disney.  Star Wars fans, maybe it will cost you nothing.  At most it will cost the price of one movie ticket  to remake with a promise of the cost of one movie ticket to see the remake.  We are giving a solution,  not making trouble.  

If you are willing to sign this, you are also willing to give $8.95. to Disney to possibly remake Episode 8.  Thats the national average from July 2017 per consumer reports.  I paid $12 and am glad to pay another $12  to get it right.    


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