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Petition to Ignore the Petition to Strike Last Jedi From the Canon.

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I seriously can't believe people are so upset by Star Wars: Episode VIII - The Last Jedi to create a petition about it, but ok. It is understood that not everyone will like a film, but also has to be understood for all those who do not like a film, there will be others that do. This petition is for those who DID enjoy Last Jedi, and wish to keep it in the official canon. 

The Last Jedi stands away from any installment in the Star Wars franchise since Empire Strikes Back as the only entry to surprise its audience and subvert expectations. It is the only entry in a long time to explore themes beyond Good v. Evil, Light v. Dark. And while it is not a POPULAR move to give Luke Skywalker's later years a sad turn, it is not unforgivable to do so, as literary characters do take dark turns sometimes. It is a part of what connects us to the world emotionally. Its called Pathos, guys. Film exists to tell a story, not to act as wish fulfillment for an audience unable to cope with the potential failure of a hero. It happens in life, it can happen in Star Wars. The importance, as Yoda says, is that we are able to learn from those mistakes, both our own and the mistakes of others. 

Besides, what, are we just going to keep remaking films till we get one everyone can agree on? Because guys, there have been about five Terminator sequels creating tons of looping, contradictory timelines, and none of them really work past T2. Yet they keep trying. Sometimes you just take the good with the bad and move on. 

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