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Make a new "Star Wars: Jedi Knight" Game!

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There are many Star Wars Games out there today, that have been developed throughout the years of gaming. EA'S Star Wars Battlefront is one of the recent Star Wars games many fans are having a lot of fun with, but personally to this day I play classic games more than the new. There is a large community like me who still play the old Jedi Knight games to this day, which is one of the best Star Wars game series of all time. I have been playing this game series since I was very little and today I still have a lot of fun with it, and with the modding community it is known that the series supporters are alive.


Many Mods like Movie Duels, and Movie Battles II are some of the very mods that people all over the world still like to play to this day. Many features that the new game can replicate things from these mods. Like adding additional storyline from the movies, or have scenes from the prequels, originals and TFA in the game. We need scenes like the duel on Mustafar, Order 66, The Duels Between Vader and Luke, Yoda and Sidious in the Senate Building.


The Clone Wars, Star Wars Rebels, and Extended Universe should all be mixed in this one game as well. But, it would also be good have a made up story like the adventures of Kyle Katarn in the Jedi Knight games. Also, there can be upgrade on the dueling, and it should be designed like Movie Duels II, something that you can actually learn and need to be skilled at. It will absolutely pull fans in and be one of the most popular games ever to be related to Star Wars.


This game needs to be experienced by people of today who don't know much about the old games, and they need to know how fun a Star Wars game can be. Jedi Knight had some of the best lightsaber dueling in video games, and we need that experience again. Also, the games just tell a great story in general, it expands the EU which makes us Star Wars fans more happy and it makes new fans. 


I hope you all consider to relive the fun moments that we had while we were young while playing this game, and still continue to have. This will be a total hit, and be a dream come true to Star Wars fans. For years, I have wanted this game, and many others have. Hopefully, this makes us fans have a voice and makes it easier for us to be heard. 

Thank You All, and 

May The Force Be With You.

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