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Leave Pirates Ride Wench Auction Alone

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The Pirates of The Caribbean ride has been a delight of guests young and old at the Disneyland Park since its debut in 1967. Three generations of kids have grown up riding this fantastic attraction; its an inseparable part of millions of childhoods. And those fond memories keep bringing these kids back as parents, so they can share them now with their own kids.


Recently, the Walt Disney Company has decided to remove the "Wench Auction" in order to be more tolerant, modern, and less sexist. Instead, the Red Head will be changed into a pirate overseeing the "donation" of treasures by the threatened townsfolk. This decision will forever remove an original part of this beloved Disneyland attraction, purely for the sake of political correctness. And despite the majority of guests still enjoying it.


We have already seen similar changes to the ride, as in the scene where the pirates chase women around in circles. The women are now holding trays of food, as if the pirates are starving. The Walt Disney Company considered the original scene was now inappropriate and felt that these "non-intrusive" changes were necessary. Undoubtedly spurred on by complaints from a small minority of guests who would also find offense with the ride's depictions of gun violence and water torture.


Revisions like these ignore the historical context of the ride, and is a detriment to Walt Disney's vision. Even thought the ride has already been subject to updates, as in the inclusion of Jack Sparrow, that decision was not made due to political correctness. The majority of guests understand that these Animatronic Pirates are presented in a lighthearted, tongue and cheek manner. They expect these fake pirates to act like pirates as they have for decades. To feel offended or harmed emotionally by them is completely nonsensical. Scenes can't keep being removed or changed every time someone is offended, nor should they. These decisions only temporarily placate the easily offended, but they'll never be satisfied. What if next they called for all the guns, cannons, and swords be removed, because they perpetuate a culture of violence? Would The Walt Disney Company consider closing down the ride instead of offending someone? No one actually wants to see the last attraction designed by Walt Disney himself be destroyed by out of control political correctness, do they?


We ask that our disagreement and opposition in this change to the ride scene is heard. That the scene doesn't truly hurt anyone, and we risk losing more of the original ride than we could gain from the change. Hopefully through this petition we may convince the Walt Disney Company to leave this piece of Disneyland history intact and safe for future generations. So that the historic Pirates of The Caribbean ride may continue to be enjoyed as it has for another 50 years.

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