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Kathleen Kennedy should step down as President of Lucas Films

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Kathleen Kennedy has drove Star Wars into a terribly bad direction that is disrespectful to it's fans, it's characters, and its history. Additionally, she has forced political and social narratives into the films that have no business being in the story. She has driven the saga into the ground and caused over 50 percent of the fans to hate the direction the franchise is heading in. Additionally, by forcing feminist ideals onto the predominately male fan base, she has alienated majority of the Star Wars fan base.  Just look at the T-shirt above and reverse it to try and make the argument "The Force is Male". No serious Star Wars fan would make such a ridiculous statement. And yet, the newest movie is chalked to the brim with feminist overtones and male emasculation. Future characters should fit the roles they inhabit regardless of gender or color. The best person for the job instead of forced diversity. Reviews and plummeting ticket sales of the Last Jedi should be obvious that Kathleen is the wrong person to be in charge of this now fragile franchise. Disney should realize its misstep and place someone in charge that is more in-tune with the fan base and the right direction that the franchise should head in.

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