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Investigate PG One on using the name “Magneto” commercially

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The Chinese rapper Hao Wang, who entered the hip-hop competition show The Rap of China (中国有嘻哈) , is infringing copyrighted material by using the name PG One Magneto (PG One万磁王). The show and it's producer iQiyi have also been using the name as Wang's stage name since June when the show started. The name "PG One Magneto" is also used to introduce Wang in the finale on September 9th.

As of the time when this petition is being created, Hao Wang is still using the name "Magneto" in his Weibo (新浪微博) profile.

The Chinese online encyclopedia Baidu Baike also includes two explanations for the word "Magneto" , with Hao Wang listed before "a character from Marvel Comics".

On August 19th 19:00(GMT+8), McDonald's posted a commercial advertisement with the phrase "Magneto vs. The Devil King" (万磁王对战大魔王) on Weibo.

On September 4th 21:12 (GMT+8), Estée Lauder posted an advertisement for their lipstick with the phrase "repost to get a chance to win a Magneto poster"(转发此条微博还有机会赢取万磁王限量海报一张哦). Two photos of Hao Wang, their celebrity endorsement, were also included in the post.

Hao Wang produced a promotion song for the recently premiered movie "Spider-Man: Homecoming". The name "Magneto" was used again in the ad copy for the song: Magneto interprets the hero's growth.

Both McDonald's and Estée Lauder deleted their posts on September 7th. The reference of "Magneto" in the ad copy for Hao Wang's song has also been replaced by "PG One". However, pictures and screenshots of "Magneto" still exist on the internet.

Based on the above evidence, we believe Hao Wang should be held responsible for copyright infringement. We sincerely ask The Walt Disney Company and Marvel to investigate this situation ASAP.

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