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Okay, let me try to clarify things as there seems to be some confusion...

Henry Walsh
Avondale Estates, GA, United States

Dec 20, 2017 — Oiy and vey this has been difficult...

Okay, it seems people mistook my last update and got an implied meaning that I never intended, so I am going to be as blunt and direct as possible.

I never slammed the supporters of this petition.

Contrary to what ComicBook.Com wrote (twice) first accusing this petition of being spoiler laden, and then second saying that I had reversed my position and slammed supporters.

Neither of those things happened. I still do not like this film. I only know that the petition, which was made in a moment of compromised common sense, can't achieve the goal that was set for it. It was meant as a way to blow off steam, and in the grand scope of realism there is a 0% chance that Disney would strip TLJ from canon, and they absolutely won't delay Episode IX to remake Episode VIII. That was a flight of fancy, and a sarcastic statement.

Do I think The Last Jedi is good? No. I feel that it doesn't get characterizations correct. I feel that it was poorly written and that, intentionally or not, Rian Johnson insulted the hardcore fanbase repeatedly and made poor use of the assets he had available with regards to classic characters. Killing legendary characters off-screen then introducing new characters in roles that classic characters could have filled better and losing the emotional impact and weight those classic characters would have brought to the series. I feel that some of the decisions made hurt the franchise. I am still torn up about the ending.

I have not been, as some people accused, bought off by Disney. I wish I *was* bought off by Disney, I could use the money, but no I didn't change my tune on the liking of this film. If you can please stop sending me threats I would greatly appreciate it.

What I did do, however, was urge you to all aim your signatures and donations into a better direction. That isn't me saying you shouldn't sign this petition to show Disney you're annoyed at them. Please feel free to do so.

That being said, we have, at the time of me writing this, over 25,000 people in one place. We are all passionate about Star Wars. This is a tremendous amount of power that can be used for good. So yes, I still urge everyone coming here to sign petitions that are important, I urge them all to help people who are in need, because we are people and we are gathered, and it is the holidays, and that is just a decent thing to do.

This petition probably shouldn't have hit this critical mass. Certainly not to the point that it has been featured in pretty much every news site out there. I shouldn't be getting threats, and worse, over a petition, and I have been dealing with such all day.

So to clarify:
1. No I don't like The Last Jedi. I would actually love Disney to strip it from canon, I just know such a thing isn't (and never was) a realistic goal.

2. You should all help people, as we always should help people, because that is just a decent thing to do. My concern is that the popularity of this petition could pull the focus off of things that might be more important.

3. You should *not* be throwing threats around at people. This was a way to blow off steam, I have said that from minute one, and show that people were displeased, but you shouldn't be threatening people. That isn't cool.

4. To restate one last thing: "I am not slamming anyone who signed this." I am passionate about Star Wars too. I didn't like the Last Jedi. I was very upset at the film. I just don't want people to have unrealistic ideas of what this petition can actually accomplish.

5. I'm going to use this thing to do good... So each and every day I will use the ability to send out an update to direct people to worthy and good causes. Why? Because that is a decent thing to do.

Today I'm going to direct Star Wars fans to visit "A Force For Change"

I'm not saying like the current film. I don't. I'm not saying don't sign this to show Disney you're upset, by all means please do. I am saying that you can do that *and* still help people.

The Force Will Be With You, Always...

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