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Greenlight "Yin Yang Yo!" Revival Season

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Hello Disney XD. We have heard in 2010 that Bob Boyle announced that a Third Season of Yin Yang Yo! would began in that year and would finish in 2011, but this didn't happen. For what reason?

At the end of the Second Season finale "Yin Yang Who?" (and also the series finale if this petition didn't triumphs), before Yo could said who was the mother of Yin and Yang (presumably a female rabbit), the new Night Master (named Ferocitus) appeared and the series ended with an unresolved cliffhanger. Too sadly, or not?

For that reason, we try to convince your executives to bring Bob Doyle (that now is a supervising producer of Clarence and The Powerpuff Girls reebot) for make another season or a revival of Yin Yang Yo! (or a feature-length movie or a spin-off if is possible). Please Disney, save this series of the extincted Jetix and save the teenager public attention that felts nostalgia of this series!

As a recommendation of us, the audience, you could put as the main antagonist of this season a three-tailed wizard fox that has as a minion a little but very evil bat, an episode focusing in Yang's relationship with Ella-Mental, an episode focusing in the return of the first season's Night Master; and titles for the episodes could be "The Destruction of the WooFoo", "Planet Pink and Blue", "Commander Dave", "3-D World", "Enamoured Yuck", "The Night's Chaos", "Ultimoose Fired", "Return of the Night", "Yang Goes To Jail", "Sea of the Death", "The Curse of the Love", "The Return of Mollecu-Lars", "Coop's Revenge", and "Zarnot's Re-Turn".

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