Give Blue Sky Studios to Paramount

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Blue Sky is now set to become part of the Disney empire. But many are wondering whether Disney will want to keep the studio. Considering that Disney already owns two of the most successful studios in the United States – Walt Disney Animation and Pixar Animation studios – it may not make much sense strategically to operate a third studio.
The silver lining is that it’s hard to see how Blue Sky, a well established and relatively successful operation with a desirable production pipeline, could shut down overnight. Even if Disney chooses not to hold onto the studio, the company would be an attractive option for other companies to buy. Prime candidates include Sony, Warner Bros., and Paramount, all of whom could benefit from another creative pipeline for animated features.
So last night when I was sleeping, I've Got an Idea! We need to make a Petition asking Disney to Give Blue Sky Studios and 20th Century Fox animation to Paramount Pictures. Think About It. The Simpsons and Family Guy could do a crossover with South Park, Sid the Sloth and the Peanuts could hang with SpongeBob, Lincoln Loud and the Turtles and everyone at Blue Sky can still keep their jobs. It's Perfect!
Fox Animation had recently signed a deal with Locksmith Animation to create a new cg feature every 12-18 months. Locksmith’s first project, Ron’s Gone Wrong, which is set to be animated at Double Negative, is slated for release on November 6, 2020.
And just last week, Fox signed a two-year first-look deal with Stoopid Buddy Stoodies, in which the Burbank, California-maker of Robot Chicken would develop animated and hybrid family film projects. Their first project in development through the deal is called “Untitled Sword Project.” The future of that deal is now up in the air.
About the only thing that’s clear right now is that Fox Animation and Blue Sky Studios will not continue to operate as usual – or at all – when Disney takes over 21st Century Fox. Beyond that, what may happen is anyone’s guess. So Let's Tell Disney to give Blue Sky to Paramount so that we can still have our favorite characters. And Maybe, Just Maybe the Peanuts can be back at Paramount again. Let's Make It Happen People! I Can Feel It!