Get Sora in Super Smash Bros for Nintendo Switch

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For a long time now, Super Smash Bros has been one of the greatest cross-over projects in the history of video gaming. 
Also, since fans were able to create mods and fan made games, Sora was nearly always included in the roster of fighters and he is still considered a fan favourite for a lot of people. 

In the last installment of Smash, Cloud Strife was included as a dlc character. That gave a lot of the people who wanted Sora in Smash hope. Besides this, in a recent interview from HMK with Disney's Justin Scarpone, a Well-known Kingdom Hearts YouTuber, the idea of Sora in the game came up and they discussed this. There was a chance for him in Smash, but we have to make sure that the fanboy like tone of Sora in Smash is gone. That's why I wanted to make this petition. To gather a huge group of fans and other interested people to make sure that our statement looks more professional. 

Link to the video of HMK: