For LucasArts To Release The Cancelled 2007 Indiana Jones Game: On Playstation 3/Xbox 360

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Well back in the mid 2000s, Back when LucasArts was still a Functioning Game Company, They Announced a New Indiana Jones Game that would use a New Game Engine called Euphoria for the Newer Game Consoles like Playstation 3 & Xbox 360, & probably would have Included a PC Version of the Game,


Anyway's Fast Forward 4 Years Later from 2005 from where the Game was First Announced & All we Ended Up with was


Indiana Jones and the Staff of Kings: (2009)

That was only Released on a Few Gaming Platforms being Playstation 2, Wii, Nintendo DS & PSP only, I already have it on Wii & PS2 actually,

But i have heard Online that LucasArts was going to Release the Game at some Point but Whatever the Reason was, They decided to Cancel the Project which kinda Disappointed me when i First heard about the Subject Online but the Fact that it Exists as an Older Game Format like Playstation 2 is a bit Good but not Good Enough,

But Sadly the Only PS3 Games of Indiana Jones in Existence are the 2 Lego Games, I kind of Find it Unfair that they get Releases on PS3 & Not this,Well technically the First Lego game did have a PS2 Release but still, For Shame LucasArts to just Waste there Talents on the 2 Lego Games Instead of this, What could have been an Awesome Indiana Jones Gaming Improvement Wasted on these 2 Lego Games done by TT Games, I mean there Alright, But if you ask me they should have been Released for the Playstation 2 & Wii & such, And let Staff Of Kings have a Proper Release that it Deserved,

But no they Treated it like Crap/Garbage & let the Lego Games have All the Glory!

Like i said, For Shame LucasArts ):(

I even heard somewhere Online that it was Supposed to have been Released alongside Star Wars: The Force Unleashed (2008) Video Game & also would have been Released alongside, Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull (2008) But sadly that was never the Case & as a Result only The Force Unleashed & Kingdom of the Crystal Skull made their Release's & leaving out this Game :(

I will Never forgive them as a Company for this, Unless they were Willing to have the Game be Released on PS3 & Xbox 360 as Originally Planned with all the Other Game Companys that were Initially Involved with the Creation of the Game but probably not all of them since One of the Companys had already Closed Down Before.

But with Any Luck maybe EA Games could do something better for a Change which is to Make another Indiana Jones Game instead of New Star Wars Games, That would be Nice if this Petition Fails which i Hope it doesn't.

But if this Doesn't work maybe they Could somehow Re-Release the Game on the Newer Game Consoles like PS4 & Xbox One: Probably,

Well i guess we'll All find out what Happens Next for the Future, If All Goes Well,

I would Care Deeply if this Currently Cancelled Game were to ever be Revived for Playstation 3 & Xbox 360 as Originally Intended, Or better yet it could be Re-Released for PS4 & Xbox One if were Lucky,

So yeah as of Now i will keep this Posted Up until things start to Develop to where this would either End Up being Possible or Impossible, We'll see what Happens, Only Time Will Tell.


This Game Deserved to be Credited as the First Ever Game to have been Released using the Euphoria Game Engine not Grand Theft Auto IV, Athough i have Nothing Against that Game, I actually Liked Playing It but it should not be Credited as the First Ever Euphoria Game Title ever Released, Maybe it would have been Fine if it was the First for Rockstar Games to use the Engine but not the First Ever!,


That Credit Deserved & Belonged with the Cancelled Indiana Jones Game that Sadly never saw Release, I can not Live with myself like this in the World of Gaming which is kind of Sad in my case :(