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Amsuement Insiders Presents "Marineland What's Next"

Marineland sits on 1000+ acres of valuable land currently used by a failing business model of a theme park. Marineland see's about 250,000 guests per year which is pennies when compared to that of Canada's Wonderland (3,800,000 approx guests). Why is Marineland a failing busienss model? Marineland has been surrounded by hard to ignore controversy on how it treats it's animals. Hard to ignore statements have been made and evidence has come forward making Marineland a tough pill gto swallow when choosing where to bring your family & friends.

Marinelands owner has recently passed away along with the bird aviary being cancelled. Marineland has had little to k=no investments funneled into it and the few they have no longer work or operate.

You may be asking... So now what? Read our solution to learn how you can help us get our message out to the proper people. It's a matter of time when Marineland will not be able to continue financially and will need to be sold off. We have a few options we want Niagara, New York State & Ontario to explore before selling it to condos or casinos.

We want Niagara Region to ensure a proper theme park company goes where Marineland is. With 1000+ acres available and it's location next to the falls this could entice big name brands such as Disney, Universal, Sea World or Merlin Entertainments.

Imagine have Disneyland Canada in our backyard, or The Wizarding World of Harry Potter Niagara Falls or SeaWorld Niagara. A short car ride from New York State, close to Toronto & creating thousands of jobs.

With the right branded name on a theme park in the area and the right investments it could be the most successful park in the Great Lakes Region. New York State, Toronto and a lot of Canadians/ Americans whom can't afford the flight and luxury of Florida visiting Niagara instead.

What about the Winter? Well we're not suggesting the park would need to be open year round. Infact seasonal parks do very well for themselves. Again, Canada's Wonderland could be seeing 4,000,000 visitors in 2019 and only open for 6-7 months! That's crazy profits. I'm sure with the right branded name a theme park could also open on weekends in winter for festivals & indoor attractions like at Clifton Hill.

So all we're asking is that Marineland be sold to a proper theme park operator versus being turned into more condos & casinos. Canada & America could both benefit from a big theme park right on the border on this massive 1000+ acres of land.

Great for morale & the economy.

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