Disney needs to cast Jared Keeso as Wolverine should they reboot X-Men

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Hugh Jackman has already stated he will not return as Wolverine to the X-Men franchise. As there are rumors of X-Men reboots under Disney and Marvel, I offer the only logical casting solution for one of the most recognizable comic book characters - certainly within the X line. 

Jared Keeso.

For those not familiar with his work, Jared Keeso is a character actor likely best known for his show Letterkenny, which he co-created, co-writes, and stars in. He has had multiple other roles, while mostly minor, in a wide range of popular movies and television shows: 

Watching a single episode of his show Letterkenny fully establishes how Mr. Keeso would be the perfect casting choice for Wolverine:

  • He is actually Canadian
  • At 5'10", he's not overly tall
  • Already has years of experience playing a smoking tough guy
  • Already in damn good shape

The only actual downside is that you'd need to invest in hair dye. For a company with Disney's budget, this should not be a huge ordeal.