Disney: Make the Star Wars Holiday Special Canon

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Currently there is another petition, that being Have Disney strike Star Wars Episode VIII from the official canon, attempting to remove the title mentioned from canon. However, there is a large majority of the fanbase in Star Wars that feel this is a very underhanded way of insulting the team that worked so hard on the film that they very much enjoyed. Even as a flawed product, Star Wars: Episode VIII still has a place in the current canon as a plot that will have a major impact on the Star Wars series as a whole and we welcome it with open arms when other naysayers will do no such thing.

Unlike those that sully the reputation of the Star Wars fanbase by throwing a temper tantrum for a film not entirely out of the ordinary for the series, merely flawed in some parts, we will instead ask of a simple favor in this time that our community is split so.

Disney, if you do remove Episode VIII from the current canon, a film beloved by many more than are heard, then we ask you to take a film that was recently taken out of canon that was never petitioned and never protested en masse and re-enter it into the current canon. Based off of these two factors alone we can only assume that the Star Wars fanbase loves this film or they would've removed it from canon sooner. The film being mentioned is none other than Star Wars Holiday Special, released originally in 1978. We ask you to do this because if Episode VIII is apparently so terrible that it should be removed entirely from the Star Wars canon then obviously a movie that has received nowhere near this amount of vile behavior in regards to it should be brought back.

Star Wars, as it turns out, isn't entirely about just two things as these other fans petitioning to have the latest installment removed from canon will tell you. Star Wars isn't entirely about Luke Skywalker or Jedi in general, just as other great stories are not only about their main characters.

In Episode IV it was a tale of a boy growing into a man and facing the loss of his only tutor at the time. It was about how we as humans can be brought to maturity by loss just as easily as by success. Even more so, Episode IV was about being able to trust in your instincts at times when fancy filters or targeting reticles are so ingrained into the way we look at the world around us and the challenges we face. As fans we should be able to trust in what we felt when we saw Episode VIII rather than hiding behind our fandom as a reason to resent it as Episode IV has flaws of its own that we were able to excuse. When we can do that we can ensure the destruction of the biggest threats of our community.

Episode V was a bittersweet story of how victory can come at great personal cost. As Han did on Hoth, we should be able to pick each other up at the expense of our pride and be Solo no more rather than just treading on the series we have while letting each other down. Just as Luke lost his hand to save his friends, LucasFilms lost their own individual rights to the series just to ensure there was a series to continue. We may have lost a lot of what used to be canon, but as a fanbase we should be able to hold what we believe is Star Wars close to us rather than allowing what's "canon" to be what we see in this series as if fan-made creations haven't been a large part of the universe from the very start, from that first fan George Lucas.

Episode VI, unlike that of Episode V, was about redemption, that even when you're the villain you can still allow yourself to be brought back to a peaceful state of mind and to be a hero.

To those that are petitioning to have Episode VIII removed from the current Star Wars canon, I only hope that if it is then Disney will bring back the much less infamous Holiday Special, as the current Star Wars fanbase seems to need a late holiday gift to bring us back together.

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