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Bring Spectacular Spider-Man Back!

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There are discussions about which actors better represent their characters. This is open to everyone's preferences, but as a general consensus Robert Downey Jr is Iron Man, Hugh Jackman is Wolverine, Joker is either Mark Hamill or Heath Ledger (depending in your preferences of course) and if you grew up with BTAS, chances are that you hear Batman with Kevin Conroy's voice. This exact same thing happens to me with Josh Keaton as it seems to me that he is the actor that best embodies the character and because of this I feel like he belongs amongst the likes of the actors that I mentioned above. To me, he IS the definitive Spider-Man.

To say that I'm a massive Spider-Man fan sounds like an understatement and what I'm about to say might sound hyperbolic, but I'd be lying if I said that this isn't the damn best Spider-Man representation outside of a comicbook, and taking it a step forward the best representation of Spider-Man in general (standing side to side or maybe a bit better than the ultimate Spider-Man comics) and I'm sure you do too. The incredible characters, the flawless animation, the witty dialogue, the sountrack, the amazing action, the genius storytelling, the attention to detail and most importantly the heart made it a more than worthy succesor to 1994's Spider-Man and the fact that the dialogue is so witty makes me think that if in 20 years time you made someone watch this show the only regret they'll have is not watching it earlier.

This 2017 we're expected to receive a new Spider-Man TV show for which I'm cautiously optimistic, but this year has been a weird one. Samurai Jack was back, and it was better than ever! and Young Justice (who shares a producer with Spectacular Spider-Man in Greg Weisman) is back also! I understood the decision for its cancelation in 2009, even though I despised it. I could understand Disney's interest in making a Marvel animated that was really similar to the MCU, it's marketing gold, and it was a success (business wise.) But now it's dead. and the news of shows like Young Justice coming back and Samurai Jack's season 5 being a critical success make the fool in me to think that this move might be inteligent business wise for Marvel, the fact that these shows with huge followings were never supposed to come back and then they came back with new seasons made this foolish nerdy heart to sense a little bit of hope for a potentially spectacular comeback.

I hope this new Spider-Man show will be great, amazing even, but until proven wrong no cartoon will be a better representation of Spider-Man than the Spectacular Spider-Man, so if you feel as strongly as I do for this show and want it to come back sign this because even if it doesn't get pickup we lose nothing, because it's the right thing to do and because if we do make it we get the Spider-Man show that we deserve.

Long live the Spectacular Spider-Man!                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      


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