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Bring Gore Verbinski back for the final Pirates of The Caribbean film

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I was only 6 years old when I watched the first "Pirates of the Caribbean", and ever since then, I have been in love with the series. To me, no other pirate movie has come close to the thrill that POTC (Pirates of the Caribbean) gave me. Yes, "Dead Man's Chest" and "At Worlds End" included. I honestly do not know why so many people dislike those two sequels. But I know I am not the only one who thinks that Verbinski's trilogy was a masterpiece. The latest POTC movie, "Dead Men Tell No Tales" is being hailed as the "final adventure" but cast members and one of the directors have already hinted that there could be another one, (links bellow) and honestly, after seeing the end credit scene, I do not doubt it. 

With the last two installments, we have gotten to see most of our favorite characters again. We followed Jack Sparrow and Barbosa to the fountain of youth, and in "Dead Men Tell no Tales" we know that Will Turner making a return. However, after watching the latest one I feel that POTC has been going downhill ever since Gore Verbinski dropped out. The last two films feel like they are missing something. We've seen a lot of Jack, who is literally the face of POTC, and more characters from the previous films are coming back. But even with all those characters, Disney has been unable recreate the charm that Gore Verbinski had.

Verbinski brought his vision of POTC to life with insane action sequences, emotional journeys, and unforgettably charming characters. His trilogy is filled with ridiculously epic naval combat, intense sword fights and deeply personal story arcs that left us all satisfied at the end. These are things that are crucial to a POTC and they are, in my opinion, what the latest movies lack.

Now I could sit here and ask Disney to add more ships and sword fights, but that's, not the point. Gore Verbinski brought one of the most memorable movie series based on nothing but a theme park ride...a fun one at that. This is a series I know many of us hold dear and near to our hearts. So if there is going to be one last adventure or a part 2 of the "final adventure" I ask that it would be done by POTC’s masterful and original creator, Mr. Verbinski.




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