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Bring back George Lucas to Star Wars

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The Last Jedi was a disaster. Although it will be a commercial success, it is a total failure and major disappointment in the minds of the fans. It strays too far away from the core that attracted many of us to the Star Wars franchise. The battle between Good and Evil. The idea of destiny, that we all have some larger role in this universe. A principled hero who finds his destiny among the stars and redeems his father with the ghosts of the past.

The Last Jedi was an attack on these core valued themes. Luke for no reason at all betrays his character and becomes a cynical foolish old man. We learn nothing about how the First Order came to be or why Evil even returned. Snoke is given no backstory and dies for no reason. The force becomes deus ex machina and is possible of anything. All in an attempt to pander to the values and whims of the current zeitgeist. In trying to be brave Rian Johnson just peddled the every day crap we see everywhere else. This is not Star Wars.

So the only course of action is to allow George Lucas to correct this horrible mistake. We the signers and supporters of this petition want The Walt Disney Company to offer George Lucas to write and direct the final chapter of the current trilogy.



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