Add 'When Love Is Gone' Into Future Releases of The Muppets Christmas Carol

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The Muppets Christmas Carol is one of the most beloved Christmas movies of all-time. A lot of that reason, unbeknown to Disney, is because of the emotional heft that the children's film conveys. When Disney made the decision to strip 'When Love is Gone' from current releases of the film, they have diminished a crucial character arc for Scrooge. They also still use a reprise for a song that has been cut from the movie. Not to mention that it is a pretty song. 

Disney makes the argument that the song slows the movie down or that it is too heavy for children to understand. Disney could at the very least provide multiple versions of the film on the disc so that the scene could be seen intact. It is a travesty and a disappointment that the scene does not appear on recent releases of the film and greatly alters one of the greatest Christmas movies of all-time.

I would like to see Disney add 'When Love is Gone' onto future releases of The Muppet's Christmas Carol.  

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