TWD creators rethink Rick's departure

TWD creators rethink Rick's departure

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Will Judith even remember her father? 

Andrew Lincolns eight year run as Rick Grimes on The Walking Dead TV series has been an extraordinary and magnificent performance. Millions of fans worldwide have come to be so invested in the beloved character and his importance to the show.

News of the the actors departure in the first half of season nine has shocked die hard and casual fans of the show. The large majority feel the character is what makes The Walking Dead what it is.

Many feel Lincolns final six episode deal is the negative result of the controversy within the AMC production. From Carl's death, budget issues to Lauren Cohan's pay dispute with AMC. 

Sign this petition to encourage the creators behind the show and Lincoln himself to rethink the magnitude of the premature death of the character who has been set up to restore civilisation, law and order and to raise his daughter safely. Andrew Lincoln has poured his heart and soul into the show and if he feels it's time to bookend the characters story and have more time with his family, the creators behind the show should reconsider the timing of his departure and the effect his death will have on the shows overall arcs and other characters. Will Judith even remember her father?