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I am JesseMarshbaggle and I am a player in VRChat who is at the forefront of the meme community in VRChat since early 2018. I was a leader and core member of multiple discords revolved around making meme avatars and meme discussions. Everything I do, I do it to make other people laugh. I used a ninja ripped VRPill mesh to create my own version. I re-rigged it, weight painted it, materialized it, etc... I then made animations for the avatar to turn it into a meme. I would have the avatar jump down into an explosion that said one month on it and would float around with menacing text around him. I also created a soundboard out of voice clips of VRPill from YouTube and Twitch. My friends thought it was hilarious, even people I had never met before thought it was funny, but one day I ran into a big streamer while on the VRPill replica. This streamer did not like me on the avatar and someone from his chat clipped the situation and reported me. The next day I was banned for one month for impersonating a VRChat employee. In shock I wrote an email to the team out of confusion for the reason of being banned. I never got a response but decided to wait out the ban. I soon found out that this was extremely hard considering the fact that I had been playing the game every day for 3 and a half months beforehand, and I felt empty without it. I was then discouraged to play because being banned kinda sucked so I was on and off playing wise until the month was over, however I didn't break any of the other terms of service. Once the ban had ended I started playing again, but after a couple of days I was banned again for a week for impersonating a VRChat employee. Outraged, I wrote a couple of more emails to the moderation in order to appeal this new ban because it seemed like a mistake considering I deleted the VRPIll avatars I made as soon as I was unbanned. I decided to wait the week out and not play VRChat during this ban in order to make sure I stayed unbanned next time. After that week I was banned for a year for impersonating a VRChat employee. I wrote yet another email about the issue that got no response.After this I was extremely discouraged and stopped playing VRChat all together and it hit me really hard. I never thought that I would miss seeing all of my friends and making stuff with them so much. A couple of weeks later I started playing the game again. Upon my return I made sure to not break any of the terms of services (besides ban-evading) to prove not only to myself but to the people around me that I am a reformed player. I would even go out of my way to make my old friends understand that what they were and are doing is wrong. I lost some of them because of this, however I was even able to get some of them to try and report ways that they found to fix the game to the developers. I was also able to get some of them to report huge lists of names to the moderation team that was composed of people who were using stolen avatars. I was permanently banned and I had to make a new account from anywhere to every week to every twenty minutes. For the next month or so I continued to just hang out and play VRChat like I used to, create meme avatars, hangout with my friends, and talk. Some of my friends though eventually got really angry at the fact I was getting banned constantly even though I was reformed. My friends ended up getting themselves in trouble for it and some even got banned. I was on and off again with playing because of this hurt me pretty bad. I came back again and was being banned even more often now, this made even more of my friends and some people I was meeting for the first time angry. my friends made some bad decisions because of this and some of them may have done things that are irreversible. I am extremely sorry for actions to every player in VRChat, to the entire VRChat Team, and most of all, my friends. I never meant for my actions to cause harm to so many people and I regret them. It makes me sick to my stomach every time I'm reminded about the things I've done to them. I understand why the Moderation Team has permanently banned me, I have broken their clearly stated rules on multiple occasions and unintentionally mocked them with a replica of one of their employees. I do believe that I have been a reformed player for months now and the people around me can attest to that. I am writing this petition because I want to make my friends happy to be around me again. This is why I need the people in the VRChat community who believe that I am a reformed player to sign this petition, so we can put this all in the past and move forward. Thank you for your support.

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