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Get Jon Mero back on The Voice!

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Our amazing friend, Jon Mero, was voted off of NBC's The Voice on November, 21, 2017. The shock of the coaches, audience, and America speaks volumes to his early and untimely exit.

There are some concerns regarding his exit. First, thousands of votes meant for Jon were mistweeted as #voicesavejohn, versus the correct #voicesavejon. Second, the correct hashtag was trending very highly at the time of announcement, yet #voicesaveadam was nowhere in sight of the trending statistics. Lastly, Jon held the third highest iTunes song of all contestants coming into tonight. We allow recounts and hanging chads to affect our presidential election process: surely we can ask for a recount on this!

For the reasons above, we plead for Jon Mero's return to The Voice, and that NBC would consider removing two singers in an upcoming episode. If the name of the game is dollars and ratings, you'd be foolish not to consider! 

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