Keeping the Current Virginia Beach City Public Schools Start Times.

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Virginia Beach City Public Schools is considering changing the school start times for students in the city. The goal in mind is so that adolescents will be able to get more sleep. However, I think that this will in fact cause more issues. Changing the start times not only effects the students but also parents and staff. Making schools start later would mean that it would be dismissed later. This interferes with jobs, as it would make it more difficult for upperclassmen to balance work and school. It also effects extra curricular activities such as sports teams and clubs, the social lives of students, etc. As a current high school student, I can truthfully say that if school were to start later, it would be much more difficult to maintain a healthy balance of the things listed previously, and many others will agree with me. If you want to help make a change, your support is greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance.