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zero point energy devices r real, black opps has used 4 decades

most of the worlds population are unable to heat their homes, cook meals, get clean water as desalination uses to much energy. the oil monopolies are greedy fools, who have killed inventors and scientists to protect their dirty polluting money machine that is taking away what little the majority have left. in UK 20% energy bill rise just this year. They are turning the planet into a polluted cesspool to maintain their money machine. Tesla had this free energy sussed in the early 19th century, he was ruined his research lab was burned to the ground. Many more pioneers in this field have met suspicious deaths or financially ruined and their research rubbished. The money held by the oil industry pays for murders on a mass scale, whole countries bombed people massacred and anyone who wants to introduce free energy that would end the pollution and stolen wealth is silenced one way or another if necessary murdered. How far would they go to protect a multi billion dollar a year industry that is killing people by pollution and political corruption. How far do you think. it does not take any imagination to guess at the atrocities they are willing to commit to keep the cash and war machine flowing, and knocking off the population thru war famine and pollution. We know now, so stop it or be stopped! time is running short. Time for the black projects to be fully disclosed as we are paying for them thru stolen money.

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  • the utility company's the oil companys govt

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