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Feb 4, 2020 complaint regarding the misuse of taxpayer dollars

Carl Tuttle
Hudson, NH, United States

Mar 10, 2020 — 

Per the correspondence below with the Office of Inspector General we see a continuous runaround when filing complaints with the US Department of Justice.

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Cc: (97 Undisclosed recipients)
Date: March 10, 2020 at 10:43 AM
Subject: Feb 4, 2020 complaint regarding the misuse of taxpayer dollars

March 10, 2020

HHS Office of Inspector General
330 Independence Avenue, SW
Washington, DC 20201
Attn: James Ortmann, Associate Counsel

Dear Mr. Ortmann,

Thank you for responding to my Feb 4, 2020 complaint regarding the misuse of taxpayer dollars.

My Feb 4th Complaint: (personal Dropbox storage area)

You did a good job summarizing my complaint (see your attached letter) with one exception; you neglected to include the suppression of evidence for persistent infection (chronic Lyme) after extensive antibiotic treatment.

Response from James Ortmann, Associate Counsel OIG

Per the attached letter addressed to past CDC Director Brenda Fitzgerald, MD you will find evidence of chronic infection from 1991 when the Centers for Disease Control in Fort Collins Colorado cultured Borrelia from the cerebral spinal fluid of Lyme patient Vicki Logan. I have included links to the positive lab results and seven-page autopsy report detailing the destructive nature of the pathogen.

Letter to Brenda Fitzgerald

Culture as you know is the gold standard for detecting active infection. The patient died after the insurer refused to cover additional IV antibiotic treatment. (Medical Execution)

So it would appear that the CDC has colluded with Dr. Wormser in suppressing/ignoring evidence that we are dealing with an antibiotic resistant/tolerant superbug.

We have a rouge government agency financing Wormser’s racketeering scheme not only downplaying the severity of the disease by focusing on the acute stage but suppressing proof that current antimicrobials are ineffective in treating this life-altering/life-threatening infection.

Under the HHS Grantee Self-Disclosure requirement does Dr. Gary Wormser have to disclose that he is a defendant in a racketeering lawsuit? Is racketeering no longer a federal offence? The judge in the Lisa Torrey vs IDSA lawsuit has upheld the racketeering allegation.

Wormser was able to pull off this racketeering scheme through the financial support of the CDC.

Wormser inappropriately used federal grant money to misrepresent a disabling disease in order to downplay its severity and meet his categorization of “hard to catch and easily treated” by avoiding the late stage horribly disabled Lyme patient population. His fixation on the acute stage of disease after early treatment is blatantly obvious. As a result of this scientific misconduct, Lyme has been wrongly misclassified as a simple nuisance disease and hundreds of thousands if not millions worldwide are left in a debilitated state.

The misclassification of disease precludes those who do become disabled from obtaining Social Security Disability compensation.

These are serious allegations Mr. Ortmann involving hundreds of thousands of sick patients all across America. Where is the government oversight if the Office of Inspector General is willing to turn a blind eye to all this evidence?

Carl Tuttle

Hudson, NH

Cc: The Tick-Borne Disease Working Group

The truth about this disabling infection was exposed in the documentary: “Under our Skin”

Under Our Skin - Extended Trailer

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