Partial Tuition Refund at The University of San Francisco

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The University of San Francisco has proven itself to be a proud and respectable Jesuit institution over the years. As an increase of students and parents continue to file for unemployment and other forms of financial assistance, the university continues to profit off of its students' full tuition payments for the semester. Seeing as how students have lost SEVERAL academic, physiological, and psychological resources that the university offered before the transition to online classes, students should be getting a partial tuition refund for the remainder of the spring 2020 semester. We no longer have access to the following resources:

1. Part of the reason people come to USFCA is for the San Francisco advantage and the campus community, however, those are no longer accessible. Campus events, organizations, and clubs have ceased completely
2. The Gleeson library or any books, study spaces, computers, or face-to-face research assistance that comes with it
3. Koret gym for physical health, school-sports teams, and intermural sports
4. Public Safety is not serving the majority of the students as they are home and not in dorms 
5. The counseling and psychological services are even harder to access now
6. Med students cannot physically do their labs or clinical practices
7. Performing arts students cannot access stages for technical work or performance work
8. The media lab is closed completely, limiting visual arts students because they do not have any of the high-quality and expensive equipment or editing programs
9. Students studying fine arts do not have supplies necessary at their homes for the specific assignments they are being given 
10. Students no longer have work-study opportunities that they agreed to on their financial aid packages

In addition, several professors are handling their online classes in a way that is unprofessional and below proficient standards. We have received several personal stories from students, including:

1. Assignments/workloads are doubling
2. Teachers are not holding zoom calls or office hours
3. Some professors do not know how to work zoom at all
4. Communication is being sent at an overwhelming mass, causing information to be lost
5. Students are having to teach themselves foundational and necessary information
6. Lectures are recorded so students cannot ask questions for further understanding of the material
7. Research-based projects are still mandatory without any help on how to conduct the proper research
8. Teachers are not being practical/understanding with their expectations for students in different home environments and time zones (especially international)

The list of student frustrations goes on…Online education is not ideal for most students and many of them find it much more challenging. Due to all of these obstacles and complications, students are demanding a 33% discount on the remainder of tuition this semester at USFCA, based on the switch to online instruction. This is dependent on the precedent that the University set by pricing online instruction for summer classes at this discounted rate. This includes 61 calendar days beginning March 14th, 2020 as the first calendar day after Spring Break, through May 14, 2020, as the last calendar day of finals. USFCA has the overarching resources to adroitly and effectively bounce back from whatever financial crisis the coronavirus pandemic will lead to, whereas many of its students may not be so lucky.