Reduction of single-use plastics at The University of Queensland, St. Lucia

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As students at the University of Queensland and ambassadors for Reef Check Australia, we have created this petition to address the unnecessary use of single-use plastics at The University of Queensland’s St. Lucia campus.

The devastating impacts of plastic pollution, particularly in the marine environment, have recently come into the public eye on a global scale. Single-use plastics take thousands of years to degrade, and either sit in landfill or make their way into our waterways. Their effects are toxic and ubiquitous, affecting wildlife, ecosystems, and the billions of people who rely upon a healthy ocean.

We believe that The University of Queensland, as a well-educated and empowered community, should be setting a strong example in making sustainable choices regarding single-use plastics on campus.

As such a large institution - with over 52,000 students and over 6500 staff - we generate a substantial amount of waste. We believe removing single-use plastics and transitioning to more sustainable options of biodegradable food containers and utensils will greatly reduce plastic pollution and benefit the entire Moreton Bay area. This will also help UQ achieve its high sustainability targets and be a leader in sustainability and waste management.

As students, staff, alumni and prospective students, we are calling upon The University of Queensland and the UQ Union to enforce policy which ensures the removal or replacement of single-use plastics with biodegradable alternatives in all food and beverage outlets operated on campus.

This petition will be used to demonstrate the strong community support for sustainable solutions, and show that the UQ community care about the environment and making positive sustainable changes.

Please share this widely! We appreciate any support you can offer to improve the health of waterways and our marine environment.

Created by UQ Students/Staff and Reef Check Australia Ambassadors:

Katharine Prata, Natalie Meiklejohn, Gretel Waugh, Tany Alajo and Amy Desbiens