Name a UGA Building After Ms. Sandra Patterson

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The University of Georgia recently released a statement saying that they would be reviewing the names of buildings on campus and possibly implementing name changes due to the recent political climate dealing with racial issues. Should the university decide that any building on campus should have it's name changed, we propose that one building be named after Ms. Sandra Patterson, a greeter and cashier at Snelling Dining Hall.

Ms. Sandra has worked for the University of Georgia for 32 years, always providing a cheery disposition and a hug for each and every student. Many students sometimes go to Snelling just to get a hug from our favorite UGA staff member. Ms. Sandra has raised the spirits of many University of Georgia students on bad days and made each and every one of us feel loved.

As we watch how racial tensions rise in this country, we believe that the joy and love Ms. Sandra spreads so selflessly should be something we should all strive to emulate. We believe that commemorating Ms. Sandra by immortalizing her at the university that she loves would be a step in the right direction for positive change.


EDIT: After feedback from peers, we would also like to ask that the university make out an additional check to Ms. Sandra for her years of kindness and dedication to the university and it's students. However, we understand that USG has had to make immense budget cuts in light of the COVID-19 situation. If our request is not feasible, we then ask that the university at the very least allow students to raise money for Ms. Sandra and be able to present it to her as a small token of our appreciation. We will take full responsibility for making this happen should it be allowed.