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In 1 Week: 175,000 Americans Have Spoken Up & Out For Sandra Bland Demanding D.O.J. Intervention!!!!

Tokunbo A
Baltimore, MD

Jul 23, 2015 — Since this petition was started a week ago - 175,000 of you have said Sandra Bland Matters! Through YOUR pressure, mainstream media is FINALLY being forced to give this story the attention it deserves. and it happened because you knew the truths that Sandra Bland herself knew and media is power...and we must USE it for the liberation and good of each other.

Sandra's sister told us earlier to "keep tweeting" and keep fighting - and God as my witness - that is EXACTLY what I am going to do! We will stand up and SPEAK OUT for Sandy who stood up and spoke out for us. She can no longer physically speak out but her words will remain with us forever.

And we WILL get to the bottom of this. All of this.

Let's press on...we need D.O.J. intervention as soon as possible. The more we hear - the sordidness of it all - the confusion. Texts from the Waller County D.A. calling the 1st autopsy 'defective' hinting at the need for a 2nd state autopsy followed by posts on their facebook page saying everything was fine. This is confusion at its finest.

Not to mention the Barney Fife D.A. I said it. The Barney Fife D.A. who has never seen a microphone he doesn't want to talk in front of and smear the victim on. I've never seen anything like this where the D.A. of a potential case, instead of aggressively seeking the perpetrators - goes on repeatedly and publicly to blame the VICTIM!?! With no credentialing in psychology he began his victim-blaming spree spouting off about "potential mental illnesses" based on a single facebook post that he took out of context. He made statements about what happened at the arrest site - based on testimony from the state trooper - as if they were unquestioned fact. The world has since gone on to see that Officer Encinia (the state trooper who made the illegal arrest and assault of Ms. Bland in the first place) account in his police report was uncorroborated by the dashcam video. in other words Brian Encinia lied. But DA Mathis took his words as if they were gospel and repeated them to the press and anyone else who would listen. For prejudicing the process in such a manner, Mathis should be recused or recuse himself.

Not to mention the fact that Brian Encinia deliberately walked Sandra Bland OFF CAMERA immediately before he began his violent assault on her. Knowing that while the audio would be captured the video would not be. And he could blame the violence on a phantom "kick" from the actual victim...Sandra Bland.

I suppose he didn't count on a pedestrian bystander being brave and savvy enough to take out his cellphone and record the brutal assault.

...More to come.






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