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Congress must take action if President Trump fires Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein

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          On Friday, the 2nd of February, 2018, President Donald Trump released a GOP memo aimed at discrediting the FBI and Justice Department.  This document has one sole purpose - to create distrust and to justify the upcoming firing of Rod Rosenstein and/or Special Counsel Robert Mueller, currently investigating the president's administration for collusion with the Russian government in the 2016 election.  

          In October of 1973, Richard Nixon tried the same strategy against special investigator Archibald Cox.  Thanks to the courage of Republican Senator Barry Goldwater, the government was spared from having to endure a series of crippling attacks on our checks and balances.  

Tell our Representatives and Senators, specifically those in the president's own party, that we demand that our government is not damaged by such an event and to rise up to the actions of former Republicans to put country over party.  Deputy Attorney General Rosenstein and Special Counsel Mueller should be protected from the president to properly perform the duties assigned to them and carry out the special counsel's investigation.  In the event of their firing, we demand that Robert Mueller be reappointed as Special Counsel without interference from the president or a newly appointed Deputy Attorney General.

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