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Sufferers of untreatable and poorly managed epilepsy should be given the basic human right, dignity and freedom to access and use licensed medications from other countries immediately. This includes licensed medicinal cannabis products successfully treating epilepsy.  For the first time in generations there is real hope for epilepsy sufferers worldwide but in the U.K. over 600,000 sufferers of epilepsy are watching the world progress with new treatments and they are being denied the same dignity of choice. Please help us change the lives of many who suffer. 

My daughter has suffered debilitating and life threatening seizures for 18 years and there are many many others in the UK suffering like her. My daughters condition has worsened and she now battles untreatable suffocating tonic clonic seizures and complex partial seizures. She is in highest risk group for SUDEP which is sudden death in epilepsy. For the first time in generations there is real hope of treating this harrowing condition with a proven medicine, however it is being denied to sufferers like my daughter for reasons that are untrue. I’ve added some photos of me and my daughter when she’s not having clusters of seizures and after much consideration and bravery by my daughter Danielle I have added a video of of what a seizure does to my daughter and thousands alike. I asked her this morning do you want to show people why you need this medication, her response was....I don t want people to see how ugly i look in a seizure, but I will do it if it helps me and others get the treatment we need. I apologise if this footage upsets anyone and advise it may cause upset, but it’s our reality and we live in fear daily. WHY should this be her prognosis when this condition is being successfully treated in many countries for example Holland. The film only shows the last 5 seconds of the 2 minutes she can’t breath.....the rest of the footage is her trying to come back out of it, I’m sure you will see the fear in her eyes. Please please sign our petition to help give sufferers of this horrendous condition the dignity to access medication from countries who are showing to be world leaders in treating epilepsy successfully. Many thanks for your time.