We want the Health & safety executive to report on the health dangers of 5G transmissions

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Your health is important. To look after your health you need information. At present your UK government is hiding the facts of the dangers to health of the 5G transmissions to be used on upgraded mobile 'phones and already in use in smart meters. The respected scientist DR. Ollie Johanson and many others gave evidence to the Australian Government how 5g transmissions can change DNA in living things to produce cancers and genetic modification in sperm and egg cells. The very rich lobby has stopped the UK government from publishing these details and the main stream media is no better. It's down to you folks. If you don't want to have the air littered with 5G transmissions, make a noise. You can start by signing and circulating this petition, Want the proof? See.researcharchive.lincoln.ac.nz/bitstream/handle/10182/3931/90_m1_EMR_Australian_Senate_Evidence_8-9-2000.pdf;sequence=1